About Us

 Gaddis Gaming is dedicated to bringing new and exciting products to the leisure and entertainment industry. We specialize in manufacturing table top game related products that will enhance the social game playing experience both at home or in your local game store.

We are the creators of  the original TableTopper, conceived of to provide gamers with a dedicated MiniWarRoom that is portable, extendable, and easy to transport or store. Next came the Out-Of-Play-Zones for ease in tournament play, providing an area for dice to be rolled and minis to store when out of play.

This year we added a beautiful line of 28mm metal WWII miniatures to our offerings. These sculpts do not need to be assembled and are quite life-like in dimensions and detail. Our extensive line includes the six major nations that fought in WWII. You'll find we offer a wide variety of uniforms and poses for each faction.

Please have a look around and see what we're all about!